Poor Unfortunate Soul by Serena Valentino


RATING: 3.5/5

SYNOPSIS: The story of The Little Mermaid from Ursula’s POV.


Valentino is an amazing writer and I love the way that she’s connected all of these Disney fairy tales together. That being said, I feel like she focused too much on the connecting story line and barely dealt with Ursula at all. I loved the backstory that was given for Ursula and how what happened in her past affected the sea witch she becomes, but the story of the three witches and their quest to find their sister took away from the story that was supposed to be told. In all honesty the best book of this series so far has been The Fairest of Them All because it focused solely on the Evil Queen and we got so much motivation and backstory from it. The subsequent books have been focusing too much on tying everything together in my opinion and I would much rather have a straight retelling from a new perspective. For a book that was supposed to be about Ursula, she was hardly in it at all. Her motivations for what she does in The Little Mermaid were not as clear cut as they could’ve been and I wish that we had more to go off of besides that fact that she was made to feel ashamed of who she is. The real reason to read this book is for the overarching story that is connecting the series. If you want a story told by Ursula or want more Ursula in general then you’ll end up being disappointed.


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