A Frozen Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick



SYNOPSIS: A retelling of Frozen from the alternating POVs of Anna and Hans.


This review is going to be very short because if you’ve seen the movie, then the book isn’t that much different. While I did enjoy this book, I was just a bit disappointed. I wanted some more expansion on the characters and the world since there is so much more you can do in a book than you can in a movie and while I got that in all the chapters from Hans’ POV, I found that lacking in Anna’s POV. I did like the fact that Rudnick employed the idea that Hans represents the mirror from the original Snow Queen fairy tale. It really helped to define his character better and I liked that we got to see his motives which we don’t see at all in the movie. I also liked that it was acknowledged that the King and Queen of Arendelle’s actions were misguided and that it hurt rather than helped Elsa. Rudnick did a great job at filling in all the holes and fleshing out all the small moments that we don’t have the opportunity to see in the film. I especially loved Hans’ backstory and that we got to see what his home life was like and we know more about his older brothers. I found myself looking forward to Hans’ chapters because they provided something different to the story. While we did get to see some of Anna’s insecurities and thought process in her chapters, it was still basically the film because the majority of the film follows Anna’s journey. Overall if you’re interested in Hans as a character or are just really into Frozen, I would recommend reading this book.


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