Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli



SYNOPSIS: Simon is gay, but he is still in the closet. The only person he’s out to is his pen-pal/crush, Blue, and the communicate solely by email. However, one of his classmates figures out Simon’s secret and blackmails Simon into being his wingman. Simon’s world turns upside down when said classmate ends up outing him to the whole school, but at least nobody knows the identity of Blue, not even Simon. Simon decides he’s ready to meet Blue, but is Blue ready for him?


This book was absolutely adorable! My favorite parts were reading Simon and Blue’s e-mails back and forth to each other. It was too cute for words and I loved how distinct their writing voices were. I’m also glad that it wasn’t easy to figure out Blue’s identity because it made the reveal that much sweeter and now I need to reread the book to see if there are any clues that I missed. I;m also glad that the easy choices for Blue’s identity were nixed as soon as possible because it would’ve left feeling unsatisfied and a little angry if any of Simon’s original guesses were his crush. Simon was an entertaining narrator and I liked that he was observant up to a point, so even he missed some little things. It made him feel realistic. I also enjoyed that when his sexuality was discovered, he was instantly pointed in the direction of other gay people that he might know/potentially date and I know that’s a thing that happens constantly and it will never stop being funny/annoying to me. I liked that the drama between himself and his friends was also realistic and didn’t feel forced. They all had valid reasons for being upset with each other and I also liked that everything got resolved in a fairly timely manner. I hate when fights over silly  things are dragged out in a book (or even film and television) in order to add conflict. While I did wish that we got to know Simon’s sisters and close friends a little better, I did love all of their interactions and I liked that you could tell how close they all were to each other. I also loved that even though they all were super close, there was still room for them to learn more about each other and that there were mysteries that still needed to be solved. I would definitely read a series or even just a sequel about Simon and the wonderful people that populate his life. Overall this book was a sweet and enjoyable read!


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