Voyager by Diana Gabaldon



SYNOPSIS: After discovering that Jamie did not die at Culloden as planned, Claire searches through history to find where he ended up so she can rejoin him and tell him about their daughter.

PREVIOUS:  Outlander Dragonfly in Amber


I was so disappointed in this book. Dragonfly in Amber had the perfect mix of historical accuracy, political intrigue, and fictionalization that made it impossible to put down and then with Voyager I had to take a five month break from reading before I could bring myself to finish it. The problem with this book is that it took way to long to bring Jamie and Claire back together. While it was cool seeing what happened to Jamie in the years after Culloden and before Claire’s return, they were just boring without Claire there. Likewise it was cool to see Claire’s life as a woman doctor in the 1950s-1960s and her friendship with Joe Abernathy, a black man, but her life too was just so boring without Jamie. The book didn’t get back to the crazy hijinks so prevalent in the first two books until the last quarter of the book and I’m sure everyone knows just how thick these books are and know that that is much too late for things to get exciting. I wish that we got less detail on the in between events and jumped to the reunion sooner. I did like how Claire’s sudden return affected everyone and she wasn’t just welcomed back immediately with open arms. She had to reestablish relationships with everyone which was nice to see. I also appreciated that we didn’t see everything about Jamie’s life and had a few surprises when Claire returned. This book made me feel like Outlander should’ve been a duology instead because the first two books were so strong and Voyager was so weak. I’m willing to give the rest of the series a shot though because something tells me that their daughter, Brianna, is important and I’m excited to see how they deal with the American Revolution (also I hope we see more Lord John Grey because honestly Claire needs to bond with him over Jamie instead of them being jealous of each other). Overall the ending was solid, but it took forever for the book to get to an exciting point. I hope the rest of the series turns out to be better.


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