Iron Cast by Destiny Soria


***I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review***


SYNOPSIS: Ada and Corinne are hemopaths. Their blood doesn’t react well with iron and they have special abilities that allow them to manipulate other people. With Prohibition looming, people locking hemopaths away, and rival gangs threaten their home. Ada and Corinne must team up with some unlikely allies to save their way of life.


Iron Cast had a lot of potential. I loved the writing and I would consider reading another book by this author. It’s strongest moments were when Ada and Corinne were interacting with each other. Soria took great care to make the relationship easy, believable, and great. I wish I could say the same about everything else. If their friendship was the driving force of the plot instead of their mutual love for their home, The Cast Iron Club, then I think it would’ve been an amazing book because it would’ve forced them to be together for more of the book than they actually were. I found myself wanting more Ada and Corinne scenes and less of their interactions with any of the other characters. For me it felt like all the characters were talking at each other instead of talking to each other, except for Ada and Corinne. All the secondary characters didn’t feel as developed as Ada and Corinne. Their relationships with Ada and Corinne also weren’t as well developed and the backstories were told rather than shown. For example they have another best friend named Saint. The reader is told that they became best friends but it is never shown through the dialogue or their actions toward each other. All the secondary characters were interesting and I wanted to know more. They would only come in when it was convenient to the plot which was disappointing. I also felt like plot points were told rather than shown. Important events would happen and it was just a blip on the plot radar. There was minuscule fallout and I wanted more. Or something intense would happen and it would be played off as no big deal. My final problem was with the world building. I was confused most of the time because the world felt like the height of the Roaring Twenties when in fact it was set in 1919. I think it would’ve been better to have it be set in the twenties but instead of Prohibition it was the hemopath shows that were going on in the speakeasies because hemopathy and Prohibition occurring simultaneously was too much for me. It also took forever for hemopathy to be explained in the narrative and again the explanation was told and not shown. All that being said Soria has so much potential as a writer and I hope to see more novels revolving around female friendships in the future. Ada and Corinne’s relationship was the highlight of this book and I wish that all the other pieces worked together as well as they did.


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