Fantastic Friday (#53)

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has been having a nice week!

This Friday I’m sharing the Dear America book series!


These books were some of my ultimate favorites in elementary and middle school. I’d always check them out from my school library and the public library. I even was part of the book club where they’d send you a book and an activity every month. Looking back I realize how important these books were to me because they covered every topic imaginable in all of history and told through many lenses. I love that there are stories by young WOC and that they never strayed from the harsher topics. I never knew about the boarding school Native American children were sent to in order to force assimilation until I read a Dear America book about it and while I’m not 100% sure it was a Dear America book, I know I didn’t know about the Japanese interment during WWII until I read it in a fiction book. If you’re a big history fan or have a big history fan in your life and you don’t know about these books, check them out!


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