The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by EXO Books


***I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review***

RATING: 3.5/5

SYNOPSIS: In a future society that lives on a ship propelling through space, every five years the oldest generation must die in order to make room for new babies. The Last Day of Captain Lincoln chronicles the former ship captain’s final day and explores what it means to die.


This book is well written and different from the science fiction novels that I typically read. While I did enjoy the life of a utopic society on the ship and the fact that the whole time Lincoln’s death was looming over everything I felt that there were three weird moments that detracted from this exploration of death. The first moment might not have bothered me, but because it’s such a typical thing that adults say about the younger generation that I am sick and tired of hearing and feels so unoriginal to me it bothered me. That moment was when giving an explanation of how the technological implants that the people on the ship have to help them communicate with each other and the ship, it is mentioned that the youngest don’t get the full implants until they were older because part of the downfall of the Earth civilization was that access to technology at such a young age “melted and rotted the children’s brains.” I know science fiction as a genre is all about making commentary about society, but beating people over the head with a comment that isn’t relevant to the theme of the story and something that you see in every other news article that your friends share on Facebook is nothing new or worthy of commentary. The second moment that I thought didn’t fit with the whole theme of death and if you’re ever truly prepared was this class lecture on farming and how the farming practices on Earth weren’t as good as the farming practices on the ship. It was really long and very unnecessary. It took away from Captain Lincoln and the story of his final day. The third was a lecture on creating a new type of pepper that would be grown on the ship and while it was scientific and sort of interesting it once again took away from Lincoln who should’ve been the stand out of the story. Although this book is short the two lectures made it feel longer than it was. My favorite moments were when Lincoln was struggling with the idea of his own death and the moments when he had to explain to the children what was going to happen. I wish that those moments were longer and more prevalent than some of the other moments, but overall if you’re looking for a different type of science fiction this story is one worth checking out.

Thank you EXO Books for allowing me to read your book. Get your copy here.


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