Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne



SYNOPSIS: Nineteen years after Harry Potter defeated Voldemort all was well, or was it. As Harry and Ginny’s middle child, Albus prepares for his years at Hogwarts things go amiss as father and son try to connect with each other and Albus tries to distance himself as just being the son of The Boy Who Lived. Dark forces are reawakened and old friends and new must work together to stop it.



While I do think this would’ve worked better as a novel, I really enjoyed returning to the Wizarding World. I really need to see this live because like everything Harry Potter this story is heavily reliant on magic and I am desperate to see how that translates into the magic of stagecraft. I want to know how they created the dementors, how they do the effects for the spells, and how they do the time travel! I really love that Albus befriends Scorpius Malfoy and their friendship is such an adorable thing to watch (I really need to see this because I’m sure the actors really make the friendship even sweeter). I love that neither boy truly takes after his father and I love that Harry and Draco are able to put aside their differences by the end of the play. I especially love that the promotional images make Draco seem like he’s going to be just like his father, but he does not turn out that way in the slightest. I also love that although they are all older, Ginny is still as fierce as ever, Hermione is still just as knowledgeable and clever, and Ron is still a sweetheart. I wish that Neville could’ve made some kind of appearance, but this story at its heart is about Albus and Scorpius so it didn’t really fit. If this were an actual novel I’m sure we would’ve seen Teddy Lupin, more of Albus’s siblings, all the Weasley children (besides Rose), and more beloved characters, so I missed them, but at the same time I’m glad that we got a lot of Scorpius and it was nice to see good Slytherins since in the seven Harry Potter books the Slytherin characters are the antagonists. The plotline is full of nostalgia and while I did figure out the twist, I still liked the flashbacks and I liked the additional material. I also enjoyed that Petunia seemed less harsh in Harry’s memories because at the end of the day (and I’m not excusing her abuse of Harry) they did have a lot in common and if she didn’t blame magic for her rift with Lily then Harry and her would’ve gotten along better. There is also this wonderful scene between Harry and Dumbledore’s portrait where Harry confronts him about the fact that Dumbledore left Harry in an abusive household and was also very distant that I think a lot of fans who find Dumbledore sketchy will really enjoy. All in all I loved going back to Hogwarts and while the dialogue didn’t feel play like (it was a lot of plot points and there was some great substance, it was very easy and simple dialogue) I still enjoyed myself and anyone craving Hogwarts is going to love it.


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