Forever by Maggie Stiefvater



SYNOPSIS: Sam and Grace are running out of time. Tom Culpepper’s war with the wolves has come to a head, Cole is destroying himself trying to study what makes them wolves, Isabel is trying not to get involved, and Sam keeps getting questioned by the police because everyone thinks he kidnapped and/or murdered Grace. They have less than a month to figure something out and save the wolves that mean so much to all of them.

PREVIOUS: Shiver Linger


Before starting my review for Forever and I was updating my status on Goodreads, I noticed one of the reviews for Sinner (the last book) stated that they thought Shiver should’ve been a standalone novel and I have to say that I agree. While I did enjoy the last book and Linger I felt like they didn’t live up to the beauty of Shiver mainly because Cole and Isabel slowly begin to dominate the story, but their interactions don’t feel like any development to me and there were times when their love/hate relationship was just exhausting to read. I haven’t decided if I want to read Sinner or not because I don’t truly feel invested in Isabel and Cole’s relationship since they had to share the story with Grace and Sam and didn’t get their own build-up the way Sam and Grace had an entire novel dedicated to them. I still love that their relationship is a foil to Sam and Grace’s and I also love the strange friendships that formed between Cole and Sam and Grace and Isabel. I also like that the book has an ending, but the ending is very open-ended so you can imagine how the rest of their lives will play out. However things felt too easy in a way. The majority of the book was Isabel and Cole angst and Sam and Grace angst over what to do with the wolves and how to make sure no one dies. I almost wish that Isabel and Cole didn’t have a POV because then it would’ve been the perfect circular ending since the first book was just Sam and Grace POV with one being a wolf and the other being completely human. I also still feel let down by Shelby. She needed her own POV because while Sam understood her motives, it felt like every character was placing traits on her rather than Shelby showing us her personality. It also would’ve made her betrayal more intense and more tense. I think I had too high of expectations for what her character should and could be and I was let down. The writing as always is beautiful, poetic, and brimming with magic and emotion. I am just so amazed at Stiefvater’s word choices. Overall this was a good book and a good ending. I agree that Shiver would’ve been perfect as a standalone, but I also like the new characters that Stiefvater introduced as the trilogy progressed. I enjoyed reading her first series and look forward to the work she creates in the future!


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