Fantastic Friday (#42)

Happy Friday! I hope you had an awesome week!

This Friday I’m sharing Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie!


This is one of the 2016 debuts that has completely blown me away! The pacing is amazing and while there is a romance element it never annoyed me because Sonya (our heroine) doesn’t waste time by being indecisive. I loved that while Sonya didn’t have much choose in what she could do with her life, she still made the most of all the opportunities where she was given a decision to make. I also liked that all the characters that were a part of her support system allowed her to make her own decisions and the respected her decision. I feel like in a lot of books the love interest at some point will try to talk the heroine out of a decision and then do something stupid to ruin the perfect plan she’d created, but that was not the case in this book. I loved that Sonya has no idea how to really control her powers, but slowly learns over the course of the action and I love that emotions are her weapon. She feels the emotions within and around her and uses them to her advantage. I could just sing the praises for this book all day, so do yourself a favor and check it out!


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