The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander



SYNOPSIS: The events of the final days of the Romanov family as told through the eyes of their young kitchen boy, Leonka.


Just a warning the murder of the Romanov family and their servants is shown in detail, not graphically so but enough to be sickening, so if violent death is not your thing don’t read this. The Kitchen Boy is so depressing and so repetitive. It’s depressing because you see how the Romanovs and the people who stayed loyal to them were treated, you see the Romanovs have unwavering hope and faith, and you see that that hope and faith lead to their horrific deaths. It is repetitive because Leonka has a big secret and at first the repetition was annoying to me, but by the end of the book I realized that there was a reason for the repetition. I didn’t think that this kind of story needed a twist ending because I think people will always find the Romanov family and their demise interesting especially since Anastasia has made it’s way from beloved animated film to a Broadway musical. The twist is also a little sad because when this book was written the twist was a big mystery, but now that mystery has been solved so the ending is now pure fantasy instead of speculation on the part of Alexander. Although there was a lot of repetition as to how Leonka came to be in the service of the Romanovs and what Leonka thought of the family and the other people living in the House of Special Purpose, I did like that we got to see all of these people as human beings and to see how their treatment affected them. I also liked the length of the book. It’s short and that allows Alexander to lay down the facts and add some of his own detail to the story without things getting bogged down or boring. While I didn’t really think the twist was needed, I did like the writing and found the story to be interesting. If you’re fascinated by the Romanovs check out this book!


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