Linger by Maggie Stiefvater



SYNOPSIS: Sam is cured of being a wolf and he and Grace believe they have the rest of their lives to spend together, until Grace gets sick. Now Sam not only has to train Beck’s new recruits who seem a bit on the unstable side, he has to figure out what’s wrong with Grace and how to fix her. Then to make matters worse a showdown is looming in the distance threatening to take away the family Sam has cobbled together.



Not much happens in this book, but at the same time so much happens. I’m disappointed that Shelby was made out to be a big deal in Shiver and then nothing came out of it in this book. I also wish that Isabel and Cole’s POVs hinted at the trouble that is coming a little more while Sam and Grace stay in their little love bubble to really jolt the action and put everything into perspective. Other than that I just fell more in love with Sam and Grace individually and as a couple. I also like that while their plot line dealt with Grace’s parents not liking him, Sam acted fairly mature about the whole thing, but Grace had a big teenage angst blowout that really added another layer to her character. I appreciated that Grace’s parents decided to act like actual parents in this book, but it did feel like a “minute too late” situation and their arguments with Grace got a little old and repetitive (which is pretty realistic but gets boring after a while). I also like that Isabel and Grace are fairly close friends now and Rachel didn’t get sidelined and was still partially a part of the story. Isabel’s budding relationship with Cole was also an excellent foil to Grace and Sam’s relationship! I love how Grace and Sam come together so naturally, but with Isabel and Cole there are all sorts of rough edges to smooth out before they can even think about being together. I also love how they are more active than Grace and Sam. A lot of what Grace and Sam do is keep holding on to each other and enjoy the precious moments they have together while Cole and Isabel make actions that will get them to the place that they want to be and to see these four work together is very interesting and makes some interesting conflicts. It was also interesting to see Sam navigate a world where he no longer has to be a wolf and how being a wolf for so long as affected his perception of what he can and cannot do. I love how he gets to hope again and I love that both he and Grace don’t blindly follow each other to the ends of the earth. I like that they consider the other half, but in the end they try to make their own decisions. I think the best thing to call this book is a placeholder. It introduces us to Cole and gives us a better look into who Isabel is as a person. I love how both aren’t exactly what you would think and they both have their own hidden complexities. This book also shows us how happy and in love Sam and Grace are and how for once Sam has a future to think of. Then we learn that the werewolf thing isn’t exactly what we think and that people are starting to hate the wolves that Grace and Sam care so much about. By the end the plot is really thick and ready for a big explosion to occur. Tensions are high and time is short so it’ll be interesting to see what will happen when everything collides in Forever.


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