Rebel Island by Rick Riordan



SYNOPSIS: Tres and Maia weren’t planning on taking a honeymoon, but somehow Tres’s brother Garrett roped them into going with him to Rebel Island, the spot where Tres spent many a summer before his parents’ divorce. What starts off as a normal, if not a little strange, vacation drastically takes a turn for the worse when a guest turns up dead and a hurricane starts to blow through.

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While I wouldn’t say this was the perfect ending for the Tres Navarre series, it was a good one. I liked that the situation reminded me of Agatha Christie’s mysteries where everyone is stuck together for at least 24 hours and slowly people start being murdered one by one. I also liked that even though I thought I figured out who the murderer was, Riordan had me second guessing myself up to the very last possible moment and then surprised me with a twist that I didn’t see coming! Over the course of this series Riordan has also gotten better with switching between Tres’s POV and the POV of other characters. I liked that rather than revealing right away the killer like he has done in the past with using this technique, he built the suspense and tension by giving every character a big, dark secret that could plausibly connect to the murders. It made reading interesting and the fact that the alternate POV chapters were short helped propel the story forward when you got back to Tres’s longer POV chapters. I’m also glad that Maia evolved from being “the girlfriend character” to being someone that has her own doubts, fears, personality, and is a helpful addition to the investigation. While she is pregnant in this book and can’t help as much as she would like to, she was still able to help find clues and ask the right questions to help Tres solve everything. I also enjoyed that this book takes place in close proximity to the events of the previous one and that those events have a profound effect on Tres. One of the things that made it hard for me was the fact that each book is almost independent of the others so none of the events of the previous books affected any of the characters later. The only thing that would’ve made this a finale to remember would be to have the whole crew that has helped Tres out over the course of the series brought back because Riordan’s ensembles are always so strong. I wanted to know how everyone was doing, but I think the start of Tres and Maia’s future was handled well and it gave closure to Tres’s adventures while also leaving the door cracked if inspiration ever strikes to write about him again!




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