Fantastic Friday (#40)


What makes this book so amazing is not the fact that you have all this information about how Hamilton came to be. For me it’s the fact that now everybody has some insight as to all the hard work, effort, and perseverance it takes to make great theatre. Growing up I have always heard jokes about how theatre is “easy” and while some people eventually concede how hard it is, I don’t think they ever truly understood how hard it is. While reading it struck me as funny that certain terms that every theatre person knows were explained, but that is the reach Hamilton has. It’s for everybody to share and love. I love the annotations by Lin that gives you insight about his inspiration and just how amazing his mind is. He would point things out that I hadn’t even thought about and it just made me more impressed! Even if you don’t really care all that much about Hamilton I would still recommend this book because it’s a great way to learn about theatre as a craft and just how many moving parts must come together to get a musical to Broadway!


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