Me Before You by Jojo Moyes



SYNOPSIS:Β Louisa Clark has lived a perfectly ordinary and uneventful life, but when she loses the job that she has had for the past six years she finds work being a caregiver to quadriplegic Will Traynor. Through him Louisa discovers that there is a world much wider, brighter, and more adventurous than anything she has ever known.



This book has officially determined that I will no longer attempt to read books that can be classified as Romantic Dramas, even if my favorite actors are in the movie adaptation. I found this book to be way over-hyped. The writing is very simple and the story is just plain aggravating. My main beef is with Will Traynor. I would’ve understood the ending if he actually made and effort. I would’ve liked the story better if he wasn’t such a hypocrite. I would’ve enjoyed this a lot more if the relationship changed both parties in a profound way rather than Louisa’s life changing because she met a boy. It annoyed me so much that Will constantly complained about how he no longer had choices of what he could do with his life (he still had plenty of choices) and people were always deciding things for him (which they were) and then he’d turn around and take all of Louisa’s choices away from her. He bullied her into doing “adventurous” things and even though she did enjoy them, he didn’t respect her right to decide if she really wanted to do it or not which is what everyone was doing to him. The thing that really made me reach the breaking point was that he made her come with him to his suicide appointment! It was bad enough that he told her that she wasn’t enough for him to stay alive, after she told him about all these wonderful things that they could do together AND she told him he loved him (I also don’t recall him ever saying it back to her), but he also took away her right to choose to love him because he decided that in six more months she might be bored with him. Seriously dude you’re complaining about having no choices and yet you’re not practicing what you preach! I honestly hope the movie made him out to be better than what the book does. I also didn’t like when the POV shifted from Louisa to one of the minor characters because I did not care about their lives, it did not add anything, and it took away from Will as a character. Will is basically a prop throughout the entire book. He could’ve been replaced by a self-help book and the entire thing would still work out I think. I’m just so disappointed and angry, especially since it would’ve been amazing to have a disabled character find a happily ever after because they are so underrepresented in media. There is nothing romantic about this book and even the romance feels nonexistent. Like Louisa wakes up one day and decides she’s in love with Will. There is absolutely no build-up! There were some moments that hinted at maybe this is romantic, but most of it felt like a good friendship and maybe that would’ve been better. I don’t recommend this book at all and if another Romantic Drama gets hyped in the future, remind me that I hate the genre and don’t let me read it!

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