Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater



SYNOPSIS: Eight years ago Grace was attacked by wolves, but save by one of them that had yellow eyes. Every day since then Grace has watched and studied their comings and goings, retaining a soft spot for her wolf, but when one of the boys in her class is seemingly murdered by the wolves she discovers that there is more to them than meets the eye and would do anything to keep them safe.


While I didn’t love this book as much as I loved The Raven Cycle and The Scorpio Races, I still enjoy the fact that Stiefvater’s stories never go the way you expect and feel uniquely original. Sure the wolf aspect and the paranormal romance are reminiscent of Twilight, but that was the thing when this book was first published. I really loved how drastically different Grace and Sam were both in personality and in thought process. Grace is very practical, doesn’t give into her feelings, and over all has a very analytical and clinical approach to life and how to solve her problems. However, at the same time she does express her feelings and isn’t an emotionless robot the way these types of female characters generally are portrayed. In contrast Sam is all emotion and feels things on such an intense and deep manner. He writes songs and loves to read poetry and that is never shown as being weird or being overly feminine. Nobody ever judges him and I liked that Sam was allowed to be sensitive without being told to “man up” or other like sentiments. It was also cool to see how being a wolf and having wolf instincts colored Sam’s world and that we got POVs from him in his human and wolf forms. I absolutely adore the idea that wolves change as the weather gets colder and that there’s a limit on how many times you change back and forth! I have never seen that before in any werewolf myth that I’ve come across and it really adds a sense of urgency to the story as well as putting a different spin on a well known creature. Stiefvater never ceases to impress me with her creativity. I also liked that when Grace and Sam finally get together her two best friends, Rachel and Olivia, don’t completely disappear from the story. While I would’ve liked more interaction from the three of them, I did appreciate that they didn’t get left in the dust. I also liked that Grace and Isable could’ve easily been enemies, but they slowly became friends over the course of this book. I only had a couple of problems, but they are almost the same problems that I had when I read The Raven Boys. My first problem was that I wanted Jack and/or Shelby to be bigger antagonists than what they were. Throughout the book you were constantly wondering what Jack or Shelby were going to do and I was expecting something big from the way Sam was worried about everything and that never happened. Like Barrington Whelk, Jack’s plot was resolved quickly, but Shelby is still up to something so I hope there’s more problems down the road with her. I also didn’t really like Grace’s parents. I really hope there aren’t parents like that that really exist in the world because it was ridiculously hard to believe that they were actually parents at all. They felt more like teenagers in adult jobs and clothing and it didn’t sit right with me. Overall I did enjoy this book and I’m excited to see what happens next in Linger!


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