Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay



SYNOPSIS: The story of Romeo and Juliet is not the same as what you’ve been told. When the young lovers committed suicide they each joined opposite ends of a war to keep soulmates together or in Romeo’s case, tear them apart. For centuries the two have been at odds, but this mission is unlike any of their previous ones as Juliet begins to fall for one of the soulmates she’s supposed to keep with someone else.


The premise is so cool and interesting, but I personally couldn’t get past the fact that Romeo and Juliet are enemies. I love a good twist in a tale, and I thought I’d be okay reading about Juliet falling in love with someone else, however that was not the case for me. I think I would’ve enjoyed the story more if it were not so famous soulmates were the leads or I would’ve enjoyed it better if Romeo and Juliet’s interactions didn’t feel like forced antagonism and they had better communication. The thing that really destroyed this book for me though was that the ending was so stupid. I don’t like when authors change/exaggerate an old character’s personality in order to make their original character seem better and that’s what happened in order to make the ending work. It just made me mad and it felt utterly pointless and like a forced happily ever after rather than a natural ending. I didn’t really connect with any of the characters and none of them seemed to have any depth. It also felt like none of the problems really evolved it was just a bunch of “I hate [insert character here]” then “[Same character] isn’t all that bad” back to “I hate [insert character here].” Nobody really had in a true, well-written, drawn-out character development. It felt like a lot of characters just pulled 180s after barely any interaction at all. This book also has a bad case of instalove, and while I never have a problem with instalove (because usually over the course of a book there is plenty of buildup for me), I did think that Ben and Juliet hardly had any interaction time in order to justify the feelings that they felt. I think if there was more of them hanging out and less of Juliet complaining I would’ve been okay. While this book ended up not being for me at all, there are plenty of people who really loved it. The concept it really neat and I liked what Juliet’s side and Romeo’s side stood for. I also liked that Romeo and Juliet weren’t 100% on board with their side’s way of thinking.


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