The Rose Society by Marie Lu


RATING: Didn’t Finish

SYNOPSIS: Adelina and her sister, Violetta, are on a mission to for their own team of Elites and take over the throne of Kenettra, but their plans make a small change when they discover that the Dagger Society seeks to revive one of their fallen members and Adelina wants that member on her side.

PREVIOUS: The Young Elites


This is going to be a short and sweet review because I only got to the halfway point and decided that I just couldn’t bear reading another word. When I read The Young Elites, I loved the concept and the secondary characters, but I just couldn’t get behind Adelina or see her as a fully fleshed-out character. I had hoped that she would become more multi-faceted, but she’s still harping on the same notes that she was on in the first book while all of the other characters seemed to have changed in some way. I honestly think this “villain’s journey” would’ve worked out better if it came from one of the characters that was very clearly good from the beginning. From the beginning I knew Adelina was dark and “bad” so none of her actions surprised me and it just made her feel blah to me because she had nowhere to go. She was already at her final position it felt like. I found myself more excited for the side-plots of Teren and Raffaele because Raffaele’s actions are always interesting and unexpected to me and Teren is a fascinating villain because he has a strong belief system that is at odds with everyone, including his allies.  I do plan on stalking the Wiki page though because I do care about all the other characters, but I can’t wade through all the Adelina to get to the parts I enjoy. I might try to pick it back up when the trilogy is complete, but for now we must part ways.


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