The Diviners by Libba Bray


RATING: 3.5/5

SYNOPSIS: When a series of occult murders occur in New York City, Evie O’Neill, a young woman who can divine things by touching a person’s belongings, along with her uncle and her old and new friends work to solve the case all the while getting sinister messages about something even darker on the horizon.


This book has a fascinating over-arching plot and characters I adore (and by characters I adore I mean I adore Sam Lloyd but the other characters are great too), but it is so slow. Ordinarily I don’t mind books that have a lot going on, but because this story is set in the 1920s I expect a sort of high-paced energy that was present in the first couple of chapters, but disappeared as Evie adjusted to her daily routine. Evie is interesting because she is that stereotypical party flapper girl, but she does have moments of being something more and I hope that the other sides of her a more defined in the next book. I’m not sure whether I like her as much as I do all the others or not, but she is interesting. I also feel like her best friend, Mabel, could use some more defining and dimension adding because she is the “goody-goody” friend. There are hints that Mabel may be becoming a little rebellious and I hope that her development isn’t the stereotypical one that you expect from the “goody-goody” character. I think the only reason why I’m thinking about reading the next book is the fact that all these separate storylines are compelling because of the secrets each character has and everyone has an interesting relationship. Also everyone has a cool supernatural ability and I’m excited to learn more about them! I love that cocksure Sam Lloyd has an ambitious and important mission that he is undertaking that seems at complete odds with the personality he presents the world (he makes it very clear that I seem to have a type when it comes to fictional men). I love Theta Knight and Henry Dubois have such a deep, platonic love for each other and an us against the world mentality that looks like it will soon be tested and I hope they can make it through. I can’t wait to learn Henry’s power and to see Theta’s explored more. I love Memphis Campbell’s devotion to his younger brother, Isaiah, and it will be interesting to see what lengths he will go through to protect him. I am fascinated by Blind Bill Johnson and wonder if he’s going to get caught doing whatever it is he is doing with his special power. I love Jericho and his secret and it’ll be interesting to see what problems it causes although I’m not sure about his and Evie’s relationship because groundwork was laid to show that he likes her, but no groundwork was laid to show that she reciprocates it so I can’t be on board with it. Then there is the mystery girl who works in the Chinese restaurant that I hope gets a larger role in the next book because I want to know what he can do. The only problem with all these characters is that their lives hardly crossover so it added to the slowness. I think that if this were a movie or a tv show, then the changes would feel more natural and keep a good pace, but in reading all the sudden changes didn’t seem to work. I wanted them all to team up and form an awesome alliance, but that didn’t happen. However there are hints that it might soon. Overall I wasn’t completely smitten by this book, but the story and characters are compelling enough to convince me to keep reading.


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