Fantastic Friday (#36)

Happy Friday! I hope you all had amazing weeks!

This Friday I’m going to talk about The Raven King again!


This whole series is just stunning. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before and what makes this so special is that these teenagers are on this epic quest and for the whole series you feel the weight of this quest only to get to the end and discover there are far bigger, grander, and more important things. I love that the quest goes in directions you don’t expect and ends in a way you wouldn’t expect, but I have never felt let down for one moment. This is a journey that you take just for the fun of journeying not because there is a clear destination you have to get to, but because you’re going with people you care about and going to places full of wonder and magic even if it all seems so ordinary on the surface. It’s one of those books that will either sink its hooks into you and take you the ride or you just won’t connect to it the way it demands to be connected with and that’s okay. I connected with these characters and this journey in a way that I haven’t in a long time (since PJO, Harry Potter, or TID) and I’m so glad that I found these books. I enjoyed my journey and I hope you guys enjoy yours.

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