The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater



SYNOPSIS: The quest for Glendower is coming to an end, Blue will kill her true love, Ronan starts to lose control of his dreams, and something sinister is on the horizon that could spell the end for everyone in Henrietta.

PREVIOUS: The Raven Boys The Dream Thieves Blue Lily, Lily Blue 



I don’t cry while reading books. There have been many where I’ve teared up, but none have made the tears actually fall, until now. Maggie Stiefvater has a beautiful command of words and the world, story, and characters she has crafted bloomed into the perfect trifecta to cause tears to fall from my eyes. To say that I loved The Raven King feels like an understatement. There is just something so magical and unique about this series and the cyclical nature of it that I feel is, if not a once-in-a-lifetime story, something that I won’t see the likes of for a good long while. I loved watching Blue and Gansey slowly fall in love and I loved watching how all the characters lives slowly became a tangled mess. I loved how every character is the hero of their own story and gets to have a hero moment in the end. I love how even though Henry Cheng only recently became an important part of the story, it felt like he had been there from the beginning because he fit in so well with the strangeness that is the Gangsey. I love that Neeve isn’t as villainous as I first thought her to be and that Piper Greenmantle is even more villainous than I first thought her to be. I love that Noah Czerny who is described as a coward in The Raven Boys performs a true act of bravery and self-sacrifice that makes one question whether he ever really was a coward (his is the hero’s journey that I am most proud of). I love that just thinking about all the events that lead up to the final moment still brings a tear to my eye. The ending didn’t go the way that I expected, but I didn’t even have any expectations to begin with so I think that’s a feat to still be unexpected when there are no preconceived notions about how this story should go. I don’t know what I expected from Glendower, but it wasn’t that. I don’t know what I expected from Declan, but it wasn’t that. I don’t know what I expected from Cabeswater, but it wasn’t that. All I can say is that it was beautiful, glorious, and surprisingly everyone got what they wanted from the beginning, but at the same time since they developed as characters their dreams changed just slightly. The only thing that would’ve made this book even more perfect would’ve been to have a wrap-up about what the Gangsey thought happened to Noah, what’s going on at Fox Way now, the state of Maura and the Gray Man, and what will happen to Gwenillan and Artemus now. However given the fact that this is a cycle I loved how not every ending was tied up. The looseness really emphasizes the fact that anything and everything can/has/will happen and it could happen again. So although my very human mind does like neat wrap-ups I couldn’t be happier with how my journey for Glendower came to an end.


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