The Map by William Ritter



SYNOPSIS: Abigail Rook doesn’t want any fuss for her birthday, but when Jackaby takes her to a mystical market and they find a treasure map, they just have to find where x marks the spot.



I just adore these characters! This is a super cute fluff story that takes place not long after the first book in the series. I love how the mystic and supernatural is blended in with the historical. Of course my absolute favorite thing is the relationship Jackaby and Abigail have. It’s fun to see that although they haven’t known each other for too long, they are already close and can banter with each other like they’ve been friends forever. I love how Jackaby and Abigail balance each other out in that they both see what the other cannot and how it helped them to figure out how to get past each obstacle on the map. Also it’s always fun when a character says they don’t want any fuss over their birthday and then the other character makes a fuss anyway. It was fun to see that super sweet side of Jackaby and to see that Abigail has a need to see things through until the very end. I did miss Jenny, Douglas, and Charlie, but Abigail and Jackaby have such a fun relationship to read so that made up for it. My favorite part is when they run across the goblins and it is revealed how Jackaby befriended them! It was hilarious and so clever. You can tell that Ritter has a lot of fun writing these characters and this world because there are so many clever little details and so much witty banter between characters. I love that each character has a specific set of skills and they are able to work together perfectly. I’m in love with this trend of releasing little vignettes into the lives of characters via short story! While this doesn’t add anything substantial to the story I did enjoy this little side adventure into Jackaby’s world!



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