The Last King of Texas by Rick Riordan



SYNOPSIS: Tres Navarre is now a fully licensed P.I. and is now a full-time worker for Erainya Manos. However, when a medieval literature professor at the University of Texas, San Antonio gets gunned down in his own home, Tres is allowed to investigate, if he takes the vacated professorship. Now Tres has to balance schoolwork and detective work which is a lot harder than you would think.

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This really felt like the book where Riordan found his stride as an author. There wasn’t any of the clunky-ness and sameness that the first two novels had and all the characters are starting to feel a little more well rounded. I appreciated the fact that there actually weren’t any forced love interests in this book and that he’s starting to tie all the mysteries together in the timeline like most mystery books do. This book also felt like more of a mystery because there was never a moment where it was decided that this guy was obviously the one behind it all and it was just a matter of proving it. Tres had to do a little more actual investigating which I liked. I also like that it dealt more with Tres’s relationship to all his friends because there are plenty of times in the previous books where he’s been a lone wolf kind of guy and it was nice that there were more interpersonal relationship shown. Although I do hope that his mother becomes a bigger character because she still feels like filler. I also liked that when the killer was revealed, it was someone that I didn’t even suspect. I mean I should’ve known because he had a large presence in this one when he wasn’t even in the first two books, but I just thought he was a new important character that was being introduced, so kudos for having me fooled. I also liked that Ana DeLeon was introduced as being the kind of woman that Tres normally hooks up with (and does in the first two books), but nothing major happens between them. I think she’s an interesting character and I hope she’s in the rest of the series because the world needs more awesome lady detectives. I also appreciate the fact that Tres also never got anywhere with Ines, but I do like the little groundwork done for their relationship to grow and keep her around. I love how all these women didn’t sound like any of the other women that Tres has come across so far and I can’t wait to see how they further help Tres in his P.I. work. It was also fun to see how Riordan was able to work Tres’s PhD into the story because in the first couple of books it was just a random detail in his life, but now that he has a relationship with the college and is actually doing some work in what he got his degree in it makes him seem like an Indiana Jones-type guy and it’ll be fun to see how that keeps going. Overall this was the best installment of the series yet and I’m excited to see how it betters from here!




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