Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

AKA J.K. Rowling



SYNOPSIS: After solving two high-profile cases, Cormoran Strike and Robin have seen an increase in business and publicity, but when somebody sends Robin a severed leg as a message to Strike their hard won prosperity starts to go down the drain. Now the duo must solve this grisly crime before other innocent women are harmed.

PREVIOUS: The Cuckoo’s Calling | The Silkworm


I feel like each book just gets better and better as Rowling explores just exactly the kind of style she wants to use to tell the mystery. Even though there were times when it was a little creepy, I loved having a POV from the killer because it really added to the suspense and it added a sense of urgency in the reader because we know exactly what he has done and how he did it before Strike, Robin and the police do. I also love how we got to see a little more of Robin’s character, what she wants out of life, and the events that made her her. I also love the unusual skill set she has and her first instinct is almost always compassion. While it is getting very old having her and Matthew fighting all the time, I did enjoy the trials they go through and have went through as a couple and how it more or less makes them stronger. I also love her relationship with her mother and how that was shown a little more in this book. We also get a lot more background on Strike and his mother which I enjoyed. In the first two books we only have a surface look at his childhood and what his mother was like and I loved that Rowling took the opportunity to explore his mother and their home life more deeply. Shanker is a break-out character for me and I hope we get to see even more of him in the next book! He has that whole loveable criminal vibe and I love how he came into Strike’s life, why he stays in it, and his fierce loyalty to new-found friends. I still have a problem with the nature of Strike and Robin’s relationship. I worry that at some point they’re going to get together and I don’t think that what these characters really need, plus every mystery series has the hardened detective and the plucky assistant get together and I would like a deep friendship instead for a change. Again I was left guessing who the killer was until the very end! I thought I had been so clever figuring it out before Strike, but it turns out he still figured it out before me! I love how this series constantly keeps me on my toes and how just when you think it’s going to be predictable, it switches things up on you. Overall I find this series to be extremely well written and enjoyable. I can’t wait for book four!


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