Myself in 5 Characters


I was tagged by the lovely Katherine at Mapping Souls With Words, so thanks for tagging me and you guys be sure and check out her blog!

The rules of this tag are fairly simple, you just pick five characters that are most like you. I’m really bad at talking about myself so this is going to be a challenge!

1. Charlotte Branwell, The Infernal Devices


I think I’ve said numerous times when talking about The Infernal Devices that Tessa, Will, and Jem each share a part of my soul and that I connect fully with each of them in a different way. However, Charlotte is probably the character the *most* like me in all her entirety. She is kind, brave, and strong and she loves with every fiber of her being. We also want to take other people’s burdens instead of sharing our own. Although I feel a bit pretentious comparing myself to such an amazing character, I know in my heart that our cores are the same. Also Charlotte and Henry = Life Goals!

2. Jane Bennett, Pride & Prejudice


Unfortunately we can’t all be Elizabeth, but I mean Jane gets the most adorable romance of the book! Jane is kind to everyone and always puts others before herself and I like to think that I’m the same way. We’re also the oldest sibling. Jane also is incredibly polite and she is probably the kind of person to say please and thank you to everyone, like me. Now I just got to hope my mom doesn’t send me horseback riding in a rainstorm in the hopes that I get sick and have to stay at a rich guy’s house! 😉

3. Blue Sargent, The Raven Cycle


Blue Sargent is essentially who I was when I was 17, except if I kiss my true love he won’t die, I had regular friends at school, and I didn’t go on a quest to find a Welsh king. Blue really knows who she is as a person and as a vague idea of what she wants out of life and that’s exactly where I was at that age. She also isn’t afraid to be different and doesn’t really care about other people’s opinions about her. Again I feel weird apply traits I admire about her to myself, but when it’s true, it’s true.

4. Liam Stewart, The Darkest Minds


Liam my love! I would’ve said Ruby was like me, but I don’t think I’m her type of strength (she internalizes literally everything). I am however, Liam’s type of strength. Liam is always a shoulder to cry on and he wants to know everyone’s problems and what he can do to fix them. I am also that way and like Liam I get distressed when I don’t have a solution. Liam and I also like to talk about problems rather than bottling them up to explode later (except for the one time he didn’t and everything went crazy). Liam and I want to fix the world with peace and love even if people think we’re naive for believing it can be done.

5. Alina Starkov, The Grisha


Alina and I have never really fit in with other people until we’ve found our group (for Alina that was the Grisha and for me that was theatre/book people). It also takes Alina a little while to adjust to new things and new surroundings which is totally me and we are also highly trusting of people until we’ve been proven otherwise. Although Alina gets less trusting of people as the series progresses, I think I would to if everything that happened to her happened to me.


I’m feeling lazy, so I tag anyone who hasn’t done this before who would like to do it!

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