Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs



SYNOPSIS: When Jacob Porterman witnesses a strange creature similar to the monsters from stories he was told as a child at the site of his grandfather’s murder, everyone around him thinks he’s gone crazy, but Jacob knows what he saw. He hopes to prove that he isn’t crazy and ends up discovering that all the stories he was told are true.


Peculiar is exactly the word that best describes this book. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting when I started, but it certainly wasn’t this. The beginning is strong and made me want to keep reading, but after the grandfather dies everything just lags until the very end when some semblance of a plot line is revealed. I really loved how antique photographs played into the story, but I feel like the photographs at times were used as a substitute to developing all the peculiar children. After reading this book I don’t feel like I know any of the characters and I’m not sure why I want to root for them. I really wanted to know more about each child’s peculiarity and what they could and could not do with it. I also thought that all the mysteries were solved just as soon as they were introduced, so it didn’t really leave much to be invested in. I wanted more suspense out of the story because how can there not be some sort of suspenseful/horror element with the creepy photographs included. I found that things that should’ve been a big deal weren’t with the only exception being Jacob’s mental state after his grandfather’s death, but even then it was resolved with out much trouble. It was also weird that Emma liked Jacob’s grandfather, but then liked Jacob. I really like the concept, but I feel like this book was just a bunch of random events strung together to create a book. However as much as there is that I didn’t like I still want to finish the series because I’m curious to see if my questions about the characters get answers and if it actually develops a plot line. I also want to see what other creepy photographs Ransom Riggs found. I’m bummed that I didn’t enjoy it more.


5 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

  1. I enjoyed the review. I reviewed this novel, the other two in the series, and the series as a whole on my blog if you’d like to check those out. I thought this was hard to get through and boring until the end, but I wanted to find something that would make me want to read the next two. I enjoyed Hollow City tons more. It’s nice to read a review that doesn’t make this novel out to be some magnificent piece of fantasy everyone should love and needs to read. It isn’t.

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