Fantastic Friday (#28)

Happy Friday! I hope you all had amazing weeks!

This Friday I’m sharing The Darkest Minds trilogy by Alexandra Bracken!


I know last year I gushed about how good the first book was, but now I’m going to gush about the series as a whole! The premise is great and I love the way it was executed. There is so much going on that just about every moment is action packed, even if you think the characters are safe. The relationships that develop over the course of these three books are so beautiful and not only are there great romances that blossom, there are amazing friendships as well. The greatest part though is how Ruby grows throughout the course of the trilogy. I loved watching her go from being a scared little girl to a fierce warrior and I loved that she had a strong enough support system that prevented her from going off the deep end. A piece of my heart will always remain with the Black Betty Crew (and honorary members Vida, Jude, and Cole)!


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