The Young Elites by Marie Lu



SYNOPSIS: Years ago a Blood Fever swept through Kenettra marking the survivors with oddities in appearance and some even develop unnatural powers, the Young Elites. Adelina Amouteru discovers she is one of the Elites when she attempts to run away from home. Her power is frightening to behold and will lead her down a dark path that she might not return from.


While I did enjoy the premise of this book and I love that Adelina is closer to the dark side than any YA heroine I’ve encountered, I feel like she is a one-note character (at least at the end of this book). This is very clearly a set-up novel, so Adelina basically goes from I trust these people to I don’t trust these people ever other chapter and that got old. Most of the book is Adelina learning how to use her power and while it was fascinating to see her train with the Dagger Society and seeing what powers the other Daggers had, it did make the pace just a tad slow. I also never understood her relationships. There were plenty of times when I didn’t understand how/why she loved her sister (she rarely had anything loving or nice to say about Violetta) and I’m not entirely sure when she fell in love with Enzo (it just sounded like infatuation like what she had with Raffaele). I wish that there was a little less focus on her darkness and more on her relationships in the moment. I feel like this book has a concept that needs multiple POVs in order to fully explore the darkness inside Adelina. I loved the moments where it shifted to Raffaele or Teren’s POV because it told me so much about the world and about Adelina than what her POV told me. As of right now Raffaele, Violetta, Teren, Enzo, Giulietta, and Maeve are the characters that I am most fascinated by and am excited to learn more about! Teren is an excellent villain and I love how there is this manic quality to his cool, collected villain persona. His relationship with Giulietta is also interesting and I’m excited to learn more about her. She seems to be an ambitious woman and I hope that she plays a larger role in the next books. I adore Raffaele and Enzo’s relationship because you can tell how much they love and respect each other from only a handful of interactions. I wish that same attention to detail was used in Adelina’s relationships, but again I feel like Adelina’s narrative so far has only focused on her potential darkness and I hope the next book moves away from that. I am intrigued to see where the story is going to go because there are a variety of power struggles occurring on top of each other and it’ll be interesting to see who ends up on top. I’m also interested in the other Elite societies and what other powers they have. Overall I found the minor characters, villains, and premise to be more exciting than the main character, but hopefully my opinion will change after reading The Rose Society!


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