The 4 Types of Good Books

I’m writing this post because I’ve been reading The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi. It comes out April 26 and I am absolutely enchanted by it. If you would like to pre-order it you can here.

While reading I was reminded of how enchanted The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern made me feel. Around this time last year (crazy how for the past two years I’ve been enchanted by a book in March) I was reading The Night Circus and it made me feel in a way that I a book hadn’t made me feel prior. I was spellbound by the characters and the story. It would not leave my head (obviously if I’m still gushing about it) and remembering how I felt when I read it got me to thinking what makes a good book to me.

I personally think there are four types of good books:

1. The Fun Book

The Fun Book is just what the name implies, it’s a book that you just have so much fun reading. I think a lot of times people forget that reading should be fun. While this book might not win all the awards or have an important message, it is made up of stuff that makes you smile and forget your worries for the time you stay between its covers.

2. The Roller Coaster Book

The Roller Coaster Book is a book with a plot and story so exciting it feels like you’re on a roller coaster. You feel in entire spectrum of human emotion and occasionally it can feel like you just got the wind knocked out of you. There can be lots of twists and turns or the action can be non-stop. Either way it gets your heart pounding and you absolutely have to know what happens next.

3. The Enchanting Book

The Enchanting Book is a book that leaves you spellbound. The story wraps around you like a warm blanket and fills you with magic from head to toe. It has a certain indescribable quality about it that makes it hard to explain to friends and family. Once this book has pulled you into its world it is hard for you to climb out.

4. The Book That Resonates With Your Soul

The Book That Resonates With Your Soul is a book that has a subject, character, plot, tone, etc. that you feel straight to your very core. This book may have qualities of the other three categories, but not necessarily. It may deal with important issues that lay close to your heart, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. The main thing is that this book speaks to who you are as a person and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

If you’ve ever wondered how I go about rating my books this is generally how I decide the 5s from the 4s and so on and so forth. I judge based on how well a book aligns with one of my categories and go from there. Books come in all shapes and sizes and what I love about reading is that a good book can take many forms. Even better than that is that no two people see a book in exactly the same way so there can be millions of reasons why one book is good or bad!

What about you guys? Have you read any enchanting books this month or in general? What types books do you consider to be good? Do you have any categories different from mine?Let me know in the comments!



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