Passenger by Alexandra Bracken



SYNOPSIS: Etta Spencer has been training her whole life to be a world renowned concert violinist, but her future is thrown off track when she is thrown into the past and given a mission to find a powerful object that her mother had hidden somewhere in the timeline. Along with sailor Nicholas Carter, Etta must find the artifact and figure out a way to keep it out of enemy hands to preserve the timeline and the world that she knows.


I fell in love with Alexandra Bracken last year when I decided to give The Darkest Minds a try and I’ve fallen in love with her again in Passenger. Time travel stories are always fun to read because each author puts their own spin on how it works and Bracken’s tale of time travel is no exception. I love that rather than using magic or a scientific instrument being the source for time travel, it is something that people can do genetically. Bracken has created this whole world full of people who can time travel, people born into these families that can’t time travel, and regular people. There were times when I was overwhelmed with all the info-dump as things were explained to Etta, but I love the imagination and research Bracken put into creating this book. I also loved that Etta and Nicholas got POVs because it really helped to bring together this whole past vs future story line that is woven in with the questions about what the timeline is and can be. Since Nicholas is from 1776 he has a different notion on what is proper from Etta and I loved that we got to see that struggle within him and see Etta learn that she just can’t apply her 21st Century thinking to every situation. They both balanced each other out so well and I’m really excited to see how their predicament will eventually be resolved. I also found Sophia to be a fascinating character even though she isn’t present for much of the book. I love that she has such ambition for a girl in her position and time period and I always love when a female character is allowed to be ruthless (Etta’s mother, Rose, is the same way and I love it)! It’ll be interesting to see if/how she changes when she is forced to work with Nicholas. The two Guardian (people who are born to the time travel families but don’t have the time travel gene) characters that we meet, Hall,  Alice and Hassan, are equally as interesting as the characters that can travel. Both are caring and supportive to Nicholas and Etta and I hope to see more of them in the next book. It also wouldn’t hurt for them to have larger roles because I have a feeling that there is more to them than meets the eye. The only non-travelling person who knows nothing about time travel is Davy Chase and I hope there is more of him in the next book because I love the way he plays off of Nicholas and I want their brotherly relationship to be shown even more! I’m also really excited to learn more about the elusive Julian because he is someone that is talked about often and yet we still don’t know much about who he is as a person and character. Although there were times when things got overwhelming by way of explanation, I have a feeling that now all the details of this world have been hammered out things will go smoother. I’m excited to see what new times and new lands everyone travels to and I can’t wait to see what new people Nicholas and Etta meet!


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