Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard



SYNOPSIS: After being betrayed completely and utterly, Mare must figure out how much she can trust those that she loves in order to rescue people like her from the cruel hands of Maven Calore.

PREVIOUS: Cruel Crown | Red Queen


Where do I even begin? So much happens and I’m still trying to wrap my head around this amazing and interesting direction that Aveyard is steering this story into! One of the things that I love most about this book is that every single one of these characters at some point or another calls someone else out. Usually in most series each character is paired with someone else to be their foil and let them know when they’re being stupid, but I love how Mare is this for Cal and Kilorn, all the Reds are this for Cal, Kilorn, Cal, Cameron, and Farley are this for Mare, and so on and so forth. There were just so many wonderful moments of these characters questioning their decisions and whether or not there is a better course of action. I also thought the fallout of what happened at the end of Red Queen was handles extremely well and it never went away. They weighed heavy on Mare and Cal and it changed how the other characters went about their business. I loved that it had consequences that didn’t just disappear after our heroes had a heart-to-heart about it. I was just so impressed that Aveyard was able to keep it present in every moment while also moving forward with the story. Also the newbloods are so cool! I loved all their different powers and how they aren’t quite what you would expect similar powers to be. I’m excited to meet more and I’m even more excited to see how the ones we meet in this book develop. I’m also glad that the secondary characters from the first book got some more character development, I feel like I know Farley and Kilorn better now, but I wish that we got to see more Silvers and Barrow family development. I am also full of fear and awe with Maven and how he is developing and I expect him to get scarier and scarier as the series progresses. Of course like any book there were moments I didn’t like, but I just really hate early character deaths/deaths to catalyst character development/deaths of characters that I was just getting to know and like because I think there is a better way to do this than to just get me to love them and then throw them in the trash heap. However this wasn’t enough to diminish my enjoyment of the relationships and developments in all the characters. Although I was a tad angry, this is an extremely satisfying second book and I can’t wait to see what new pain book three is going to bring me.






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