Fantastic Friday (#21)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had wonderful weeks!

This Friday I’d like to share with you William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher!


I love how clever these books are! I haven’t read the ones he’s done for the Prequel Trilogy yet (and I hope he does some for the new trilogy too), but one of my favorite things is that R2-D2 beeps in iambic pentameter. Doescher does an amazing job at weaving in the iconic lines we all know so well and the distinct rhythm and language you see in a Shakespeare production. I also loved how he threw in some famous lines from Shakespeare as well and it fit in seamlessly. I know Shakespeare can be difficult to read at times, but it is extremely easy once you know what the story is. Of course there are some moments where Doescher uses Shakespeare devices that can go over your head if you’re only reading for story. I really enjoyed reading these books and if you like Shakespeare and Star Wars I would highly recommend them to you!


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