Soundtrack Sunday (#20)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Instead of doing a playlist about a specific book (mainly because I don’t have any Valentiney books to make a playlist for), I’m going to make a playlist of songs that remind me of various literary couples and maybe they’ll remind you of some of your OTPs! Enjoy!


  1. YOUTH – Troye Sivan (Bluesey)
  2. Clarity – Zedd (feat. Foxes) [Celia/Marco]
  3. Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon (Cresswell)
  4. Take Me to Church – Hozier (Alina/Mal)
  5. I Know Places – Taylor Swift (Ruby/Liam)
  6. Love Love Love – Of Monster and Men (Pip/Estella)
  7. Happily – One Direction ย (Mare/Cal)
  8. Home – Phillip Phillips (Puck/Sean)
  9. My Heart is Open – Maroon 5 (Malec)
  10. Rooftops – Kris Allen (Matthias/Nina)
  11. Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift (Claire/Jamie)
  12. Fool For You – (Kaz/Inej)
  13. Fireproof – One Direction (Katniss/Peeta)
  14. Inseparable – Jonas Brothers (Percabeth)

As always you can listen to the full playlist here on 8tracks! I am more than happy to take requests so if you have a book or series you want a playlist for just let me know in the comments.


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