Fantastic Friday (#20)

Happy Friday everyone!

This week I’d like to share with you a pair of my favorite Shakespeare retellings by Lisa Klein!


Do you like Shakespeare? Do you like Shakespeare retellings where the author goes off on how a line can potentially be interpreted as? Do you love Ophelia and the Witches? Then these are the books for you! Ophelia is one of my all time Shakespeare characters, so I was really excited to read Ophelia when it first came out. The premise is Hamlet, but told through Ophelia’s eyes and it really plays on the theory that Hamlet and Ophelia were secretly married prior to the action of the play. I loved how Klein portrayed Ophelia and all the other characters. Towards the end she takes a little bit of liberties, but they were fun to read and enhanced the story. I didn’t find Lady Macbeth’s Daughter to be as good, but it is still a wonderful read. I think the weakness of it is that the heroine is a completely made up character because one of the Shakespeare theories that this book revolves around is the theory that Lady Macbeth had a child that died prior to the events of Macbeth. It was interesting how Klein wove this completely new character into the story and made it seem like she was meant to be there this whole time. Both books are excellent reads and provide interesting and new perspectives on stories you probably know by heart. I only wish that she had written more books in this vein!


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