Star Wars: Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka



SYNOPSIS: The tales of Finn, Rey, and Poe in the days prior to the start of The Force Awakens.


This book does a great job in helping to cement the things that you already thought about the characters after seeing the film and it also provides a nice backstory for Poe Dameron since we don’t see as much of him as we do Finn and Rey. In Finn’s story we get to see Stormtrooper training and really get into that whole hive mentality that keeps them all in check. I really enjoyed learning just a little bit more about the Stormtrooper teams and how they worked and I liked seeing them interact with each other outside of battle. I especially liked that we got to see some more of Captain Phasma and General Hux. I felt like I knew Phasma a little better after reading the section and I’m also more interested in Hux as a character. The relationship between Phasma and Finn was really interesting and I hope that she’s in the future films because I want to see more of the fallout of Finn’s decision amongst the people that expected great things to come of him. In Rey’s story we get a larger glimpse into what everyday life is like for her and get to see how she knows how to pilot ships. I loved how inventive and tech savvy she was and I was constantly amazed at how she could put machines together with only the things she could scavenge from other ships. I also enjoyed learning a little more about the local inhabitants of Jakku and a little more about what goes on in the village that she lives near. This section also really emphasized how alone she has been her entire life. She meets two fellow scavengers and has a hard time forcing herself to trust them, even though they never truly do anything to suggest that they’ll cross her. I can’t wait to see what becomes of her in the films. Finally in Poe Dameron’s story we get to see how he became the best pilot in the Resistance. Poe’s was the story I was most excited to see because the film didn’t really give any clues as to where he came from and how he got to where he was. It was interesting to learn about his parents and how he grew up hearing stories about the Rebel Alliance and the defeat of the Empire. I also loved the fact that he gets his love of flying from his mom. I loved seeing his relationship with BB-8 out in full force and they’re interactions were adorable and fun. I also loved seeing him in charge because it really helped to confirm for me some things that I thought about his character after seeing the film. I think my favorite thing about Poe’s story was seeing him interact with Princess General Leia. Their whole dynamic mad me so happy because it reminded me of how Luke, Leia, and Han would poke fun at each other, but in a loving way and at the same time it Leia and Poe felt like they had a mother/son kind of relationship. I hope that we get to see more of their relationship in the films. If you loved the movie and want more about our heroes while you wait for Episode VIII, then I suggest you check this book out!


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