Soundtrack Sunday (#16)

Happy Sunday!

Here is a playlist for Red’s Untold Tale by Wendy Toliver. Enjoy!


  1. L’il Red Riding Hood – Amanda Seyfried
  2. Lost Stars – Keira Knightley
  3. Flowers in Your Hair – The Lumineers
  4. Slow and Steady – Of Monsters and Men
  5. Kingdom Come – The Civil Wars
  6. Dark Days – Punch Brothers
  7. Only Love – Mumford & Sons
  8. Two Sides of Lonely – The Lone Bellow
  9. From This Valley – The Civil Wars
  10. Lean – The National
  11. Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home – Keira Knightley
  12. Yellow Light – Of Monsters and Men
  13. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) – The Lumineers
  14. Monster – Mumford & Sons

You can listen to the full soundtrack here on 8tracks! As always I am more than happy to take requests, so if there is a book or series you would like a playlist for let me know in the comments!


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