Winter by Marissa Meyer



SYNOPSIS: Everything comes to a head as Cinder and the crew make their way to Luna and start the revolution against Queen Levana.

PREVIOUS: Cinder  Scarlet  Cress


Aces, spades, and stars was this a thrilling conclusion! I was on the edge of my seat for at least 90% of the book! There is absolutely no dull moment and everyone’s story came together and wrapped up in an incredibly fulfilling way! I’m so glad I still have Fairest and Stars Above left to read because I am not ready to let these guys go. One of the things that I loved the most was that Cinder had doubts. She had doubts if she was doing the right thing. She had doubts if she was going to be a better ruler than Levana. She had doubts that she could make a difference. Yet she was able to overcome these doubts and fears and I think that’s an important thing for people to learn. She is such a relatable character and I loved her insecurities and moments of bravery. There is just so much amazing character development and not just for Cinder. Over these four books I have loved watching Kai become a wise and just leader, Thorne become the hero we already knew he was deep down, Scarlet learning when to act and when to keep still, Wolf learning that it isn’t the modifications but the man that decides whether or not you are a monster, Iko continuing to be kind and selfless and Cress realizing that she is stronger and braver than she realizes. I’m just so proud of them all! I was a little worried that Winter and Jacin would be wedged in as the last pieces of the rebellion puzzle, but once they started I felt like I had known them for just as long as all of the others. Their relationship is so charming and innocent it just made my heart so very happy. The working of Snow White into everything else that was going on worked impressively and I never realized how stressful Snow White could be until there was a rebellion going on! Just like how all the other books seamlessly blended the fairy tale into the sci-fi reality I thought the way the elements of Snow White were used was extremely clever and fun. I also loved how Levana changed of the course of the series. Villain break downs are some of my favorite things and boy was her break down spectacular! She was a formidable and competent opponent and I think she is one of my favorite villains that I read this year. Of course there were some predictable moments, but I don’t really care because fairy tales are predictable and I adore these characters too much to let that ruin things for me. I am so glad that I finally read this series because the characters are wonderfully written and the adventure is too grand to miss.

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