White Collar Girl by Renee Rosen


***I received this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review***


SYNOPSIS:Β Jordan Walsh dreams of being a reporter like her father and brother before her, but she learns that the profession comes at a price and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to be taken seriously as a women in the 1950s.

I’m sure that this wasn’t the author’s intention, but it felt like women weren’t allowed to have careers and be in loving, healthy relationships. I say this because both romances that occur in the novel end because Jordan’s career gets in the way and I felt that nothing would’ve changed if the romances didn’t exist. The first romance was also dragged out for far too long, very early in the relationship you know that they are going to break up, so every moment between felt too long and was frankly quite boring. There was also a lot of name dropping in the beginning that I didn’t care for. I get that Rosen was trying to set up the fact that it took place in the 1950s, but the book didn’t need that for me to understand time. There were also a lot of interesting news stories that got resolved quickly and in between each interesting thing there was a long string of nothing. Also the big important case of the novel didn’t have the proper wrap-up that it deserved. It got resolved in two lines of the epilogue and I felt like if it was so important to Jordan, then it should’ve had more importance to the reader. I did enjoy Jordan’s can-do, go-getter attitude and she was a likeable narrator. I also enjoyed the familial aspect and the actual bits that took place in the newsroom. I think what made this novel suffer was the naturalistic way it was told. I wanted the story of a female reporter going after the one big case in a cool and interesting way, but instead I got a female reporter going after multiple stories where nothing really came of it. There was just something about it that made me lose interest a lot and there is a moment in the middle that got my interest back, but then it ended and I lost interest again. I think it’s a great read for people who love intense historical fiction and for people who are interested in women getting into the workplace. There were just quite a few issues that got me that kept me from fully enjoying the book.

Thanks NAL for allowing me to read this book! Buy it here!


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