Fantastic Friday (#5)

Happy Friday and also Happy Early Halloween!

This week I’d like to bring attention to the Theatre Illuminata series by Lisa Mantchev!


These book seamlessly blends the magic of the theatre with the magic of storytelling. There are so many beautiful moments created between Bertie and her father as well as the fantastical elements that make up Bertie’s quest to save her friend and discover who she truly is. This is another book that emphasizes the power of words and takes it a step further by combining it with the fairytale notion that your choice of words is what you mean exactly. I even adored the blending of fantasy and Shakespeare (although I didn’t much care for Hamlet’s characterization). This series is a hidden treasure and people who love fantastical tales that deal with the dangers of magic, the price for love, and the power of yourself should give it a try! Although the love triangle isn’t the best, I think that the fabulous cast of characters and the overall plot of the story make up for it!


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