Scarlet by Marissa Meyer



SYNOPSIS: Scarlet Benoit refuses to believe that her grandmother ran away and after the police close the investigation, she and her new friend Wolf, a street fighter, decide to look for her themselves. Meanwhile, Cinder and her new friend Captain Thorne work together to escape prison and evade forces sent out by Emperor Kai and Queen Levana to recapture them.


Scarlet is even better than Cinder! The characters that I grew to love in the first book come back and three new characters are introduced that I love just as much! It starts where we left off, but with people hearing about the news at the end of Cinder in a small town in France, where we are introduced to Scarlet and Wolf! Scarlet is such a fierce and loving character and she is a few years older than Cinder, so there is a distinct difference in their decision making processes. I’m so excited to see them interact more in Cress! Sometimes when authors create a huge cast of characters there can be times where some of them feel similar, but that isn’t the case here. Wolf, Kai, and Thorne as well as Cinder, Scarlet, and Iko each have their own distinct personalities and I know for a fact that all six of them would solve a problem in their own unique way. Just like the weaving of elements of Cinderella into Cinder, Meyer continues the effortless blending of Little Red Riding Hood into the wonderful futuristic sci-fi world! I loved the blending of animal and human into Wolf’s character. It made his character really interesting, like-able, and frightening! The whole concept of the wolf pack that is prevalent all throughout Scarlet’s point of view was also fascinating and connected really well with her relationship with Wolf. I also loved Captain Carswell Thorne (like Captain Jack Sparrow the captain must always be included when you say his name 😉 )! He was a fun character to read and I’m sure that he’s equally fun to right. While Kai is sarcastic and unsure of himself and Wolf is standoffish but also fiercely protective of the people he cares about, Thorne has a devil-may-care attitude and completely clueless at time! You’ll spend most of the time wondering how he ever survived without Cinder! Although he doesn’t have as big of a part in this book as Wolf and Kai do, I’m excited to see how he develops as a character and how he, Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf, and Iko work as a team! The alternating points of view connected well with each other and I’m glad that Meyer covered all the possible angles to tell this story and I’m excited for more Levana points of view in the future books! Villains that are ominous entities in the distance can be fun, but to me villains become so much more wicked when you can see into their thoughts and how they make their decisions! I can’t wait to get my hands on Cress even though I am now almost caught up and don’t want to let this story end!

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