Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo



SYNOPSIS: A group of criminals must break into the highly secure capital of Fjerda in order to capture a scientist that created a drug to make the Grisha more powerful.

This book is dark compared to The Grisha trilogy and I enjoyed ever minute of it. What is perfect is that although there are small references to characters from The Grisha trilogy, you don’t have to read those in order to read this book (just be warned there are spoilers that you won’t realize are spoilers until you actually read the series). I love how distinct each character is and how well thought out their backstories and motivations are. The only wildcard is Wylan, he didn’t get the benefit of having a POV chapter and it made me not attach myself to him (it also didn’t help that he didn’t truly feel like a member of the team the way Kaz, Matthias, Jesper, Nina, and Inej did). I also thought that Kaz and Inej dominated the chapters and I would have liked more from Jesper, he has an interesting story to tell and I hope his gets explored more in the next book the way Nina, Matthias, Kaz, and Inej were. There are just so many complex details surrounding the plot and the characters that you are always wanting more. I adored Nina and Inej’s relationship. Positive female relationships are always something to cherish and since the cast is male heavy, it was fun to see the girls hang out with each other, give advice, and just all-around care for each other. I also loved Inej’s relationship with Jesper and I hope we get to see more of that in the next book. It is amazing how distinct each characters personality is and how Bardugo is able to portray such an amazing cast! I think Kaz is a really interesting character to analyze, but Nina probably is my favorite (although I love them all it’s so hard to choose!). The way the book ends leaves me clamoring for more! I can’t wait to see how this gang of Crows save the girl and defeat their rivals!


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