Sleeping Tiger by Rosamunde Pilcher



SYNOPSIS: Orphaned Selina Bruce discovers that an author bears a remarkable resemblance to a father she has never met and was told by her grandmother that he was dead. She travels to San Antonio (the island near Spain not the city in Texas) to meet with her maybe father and gains so much more.

This is yet another sweet book by Pilcher and I was shocked to discover that there is no mention of Cornwall! This book takes place almost entirely on the island of San Antonio (which is interesting because most Pilcher books incorporate Ibizia if she wants to go Spanish). Overall it was really cute and sweet, but again it was so short that the ending felt rushed and unnatural especially in regards to Selina’s character development. The problem with her is the same problem that I have with Rose’s character development in Titanic, in both instances the sheltered rich girl grows a backbone in the last five minutes out of nowhere and the only justification is that the relationship with a man unlike any that she has ever met before. I would have liked more of Selina developing and less of her life before going to San Antonio or if that has to stay too, then the book should have been longer so that the ending felt justified. I mean just because your book is supposed to be super cute and fluffy doesn’t mean that the romantic leads have to suddenly decide to get married after only knowing each other for three days. I would have liked Selina and George’s relationship to have developed more because their declaration of love to each other also came a bit out of nowhere. I also wish that Frances caused just a bit more tension between them because there was hardly any conflict at all. This was a nice change of pace from the other Pilcher books that I have read previously because it included none of the elements that I have found frequently so far.  All in all, this is a very sweet book so if you’re looking for something sweet to read then check it out!


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