The Day of the Storm by Rosamunde Pilcher



SYNOPSIS: Rebecca Bayliss reunites with family she had no idea existed after the death of her mother.

Another light story from Rosamunde Pilcher, although I do think this one is slightly darker than the ones I’ve read. It is very confusing to read her books back to back like I’ve been doing because Pilcher likes to reuse minor elements (I need to add Ibiza to the list of locations that Pilcher likes to have for setting). For example, a character named Sophia appears in this novel with almost the exact same backstory as the Sophia that appears in The Shell Seekers and there is a person mentioned named Danus like the love interest in The Shell Seekers. There are also some other similarities to The Shell Seekers, but that will just take away from this book. Once I got past the similarities, I found the story to be sweet and also a little creepy. I know cousins entering a relationship isn’t as weird as sibling incest, but it’s still a little weird (I don’t care that royalty used to do it because that’s how you get hemophilia and other genetic mutations). I didn’t understand why Joss and Rebecca had to be weirdly connected somehow because I think everything would have ended up the same way if they weren’t. Also I felt that Andrea didn’t really add much to the story. She was just there and complained. Other than that, I’m a sucker for the whole enemy to friend trope which is the dynamic Joss and Rebecca had. I also enjoyed Grenville and Pettifer even though they weren’t a big focus of the book. If I could go back in time I would read this before I read The Shell Seekers because the latter is definitely better and I feel like this was practice for that particular story type. I felt like The Day of the Storm is practice for the dynamics and family drama that revolve in The Shell Seekers. Overall this was a fun read and I can’t wait to find the parallels in the rest of Pilcher’s books!


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