Muirwood: The Lost Abbey #1 by Jeff Wheeler, Matt Sturges, & Dave Justus

Illustrations by Alex Sheikman and Lizzy John


***I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***


SYNOPSIS: Maia was once the princess of Comoros learning how to read and do magic before her father had her mother banished and Maia locked away in a lesser home. Now he wants her help to restore peace to the land after the magic users have been banished and left some hold on the land and its people.

The interesting thing about this graphic novel is that I found the background to be prettier and better drawn than the people, although I thought that the illustrators did a wonderful job in making varied character designs. As for the story, it was a tad too expositioney for my taste, but I was still drawn in enough to want to continue with the series. Maia is an interesting character to me because I feel that after the first issue I still don’t know her very well. I know that she is a banished princess, I know that she knows magic and how to read, and I know that she thinks that she is dangerous. It will be interesting to see her develop as a character and see how her relationship with her magic will change. Also from what I know about story telling in general, I have a feeling that Maia and her bodyguard are going to fall in love because they hate each other at the moment. Nothing says I will love you in the future than hating someone in the present. I wish that this comic had been just a tad bit longer because I’m curious as to who else is along for the trip (or maybe they’re just the transportation) and I also want a little more detail on the actual quest itself. I hope that the king gets developed more in the future issues as well. Right now he is obviously the bad king who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and that’s all well and good but I want an evil king with some depth to him. Why did he banish her mother? Why did he banish the people with magic? What were his reasons other than magic is evil and must be stopped and I’m bored with my wife? Reasons are what help make evil characters great. Maybe he’s being controlled by a dark force too! There are a great many unknown variables in terms of character and I feel that it was sacrificed some in order to provide exposition, but I hope that now that Maia is off on her quest we will get some interesting development. I guess I’m going to have to keep reading in order to get the answers to my questions.

Thanks Jet City Comics for allowing me to read this comic! Get your copy today at your local comic book store, comixology, or Amazon!


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