The Carousel by Rosamunde Pilcher

IMG_7423RATING: 4/5

SYNOPSIS: Prue Shackleton goes to take care of her Aunt Phoebe after she breaks her arm and ends up discovering a lonely little girl and a handsome artist who help her decide once and for all the person that she wants to be.

If you’re looking for a short, sweet, adult fluff read, then this is the perfect book for just that! Although the book is pretty short compared to most, I think it tells a perfectly sweet story that will put a smile on your face and sunshine in your heart. It is pretty predictable, but I do think that is a hallmark of fluff reads and it didn’t bother me any because Pilcher tells her stories beautifully. I loved the relationship between Prue and Phoebe especially compared to the brief glimpse of Prue’s mother that we saw in the beginning of the book and thought that their bond was the much stronger and better one. The only thing that I wish is for this book to have been longer so that Charlotte and Prue’s relationship could be fleshed out a bit more as well as fleshing out Prue and Daniel’s relationship. I felt that the connections were just a tad bit rushed and would have liked some time for them to develop in a natural feeling way; although this instant connection did leave the story with a nice open-ish ending where you can imagine their lives after the events in the book which I liked. I mean what other reason can I give to read this besides the fact that it is super sweet and sometimes it’s nice to read a cute story to counteract reality. I know fluff reads sometimes get a bad rap, but I love being able to read something cute and sweet without having to think about a deeper meaning or whatever. I recommend this book to anyone who loves sweet, fluffy reads and is looking for something about adults falling in love rather than the fluff you can find in the YA section.


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