The Too-Clever Fox by Leigh Bardugo

17790188RATING: 4/5

SYNOPSIS: Koja the fox has outsmarted all the foes that stand in his way, but can he save the forest from a hunter who can move through the woods without leaving tracks or making a sound?

PREVIOUS: The Witch of Duva  Shadow and Bone  The Tailor  Siege and Storm

Another wonderfully told fairy tale with all the creepy twists and turns! Although this one wasn’t written as if an old babushka was telling it to village children, there were a couple of repeated phrases that gave this tale the feeling that it was told out loud long ago. There is also this vibe that the story is ancient and part of a rich, existing culture and I think that just makes Leigh Bardugo a greater writer. This story, like The Witch of Duva, also had an excellent twist at the end that I didn’t see coming until it was too late. When you read, you can really see not only the Grimm Brothers influence, but there was also a Aesop-esque feel to the story in that Koja got a little over confident in his ability to weasel out of any situation. Another fun aspect is how unlike a Grimm Brothers story, the female characters use their femininity to their advantage rather than it being a hindrance. It was fun to see the female characters play a big part in the twist endings. This story is actually referenced in Siege and Storm and Alina refers to Sturmhond as a “too-clever fox”. I can only hope that his cleverness doesn’t come back to bite him the way it did for Koja. I think what makes this story great is that it also has a place within The Grisha canon whereas The Witch of Duva is just an added bonus story. The only thing that could make these fun stories even more awesome would be if one of them play a big part in Ruin and Rising, but for now I will content myself knowing that one of the characters is a too-clever fox. I hope Little Knife lives up to the high expectations that The Too-Clever Fox and The Witch of Duva gave to me!

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