The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo

9781466820753RATING: 4/5

SYNOPSIS: In the village of Duva, occasionally girls will go missing never to be seen again, but Nadya might be able to stop it from ever happening again.

PREVIOUS: Shadow and Bone   The Tailor

In the vein of J. K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Leigh Bardugo has constructed some Ravkan folktales to accompany her Grisha stories. The way the story is written calls for you to almost act it out and read it out loud to someone else. There are certain sentences that indicate that an old woman is telling you this story in front of a hearth and I feel like I missed out on some atmosphere by not reading it out loud. The creepy, dark factor makes it right at home with original fairy tales like the ones the Grimm Brothers wrote down and it had the perfect twist at the end to make you rethink what is good and what is bad. I really enjoyed taking this side trip into Ravkan culture because in different parts of Shadow and Bone Alina would mention things she remembered from childhood and this was the perfect trip into something that Alina and Mal would’ve heard as children. I think more fantasy novels should come with folktales from their respective fictional universes because I think that it really helps readers connect with the land as well as providing some really interesting background for the world that has been created. If you enjoy the universe that Bardugo has created in The Grisha trilogy then I say you should read it! If you haven’t yet and are a little undecided, then I think you could read this short story and if you like Bardugo’s writing and are fascinated by the Russian-esque culture after reading then go pick up Shadow and Bone. I can’t wait to read the other two folktales she has written as well!

This short story can be read for free! Just follow the link here!


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