The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo

the+tailorRATING: 4/5

SYNOPSIS: An additional scene for Shadow and Bone featuring Genya.

PREVIOUS: Shadow and Bone

I was really excited when I discovered that Leigh Bardugo had written a short story featuring Genya because I loved her so much in Shadow and Bone! This did not disappoint me because it helped flesh her out and gave motives for why she was on the Darkling’s side (I just hope that she sees the madness in him in the later books). I enjoyed discovering Genya’s thoughts on Alina, Mal, and why she didn’t like the King and the Queen. It was really disheartening to learn that in the beginning she wasn’t treated badly, but as she aged the treatment became worse. I think that the most interesting thing about Genya now is that she clearly cares about Alina, but feels bound to the Darkling (he has manipulated her just as he has manipulated everyone else in the books). In Shadow and Bone, Alina is able to realize what the Darkling does and I’m curious to see if Genya will discover that too, although if she doesn’t I’ll still love her as a character. The characters that have dubious loyalties have the ability to be the most interesting and most surprising in my opinion because they are the ones that you can’t account for and can’t predict. I know that Alina and Mal will always do the right thing because that’s who they are and I know the Darkling will do whatever is in his best interest because that’s who he is. Genya is a wild card in this crazy bid for power and I find myself eager to see what she will do next. I feel like I understand her as a character better now and can’t wait to see how she develops in the later books!

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