Beguiling Trickery by Tempest C. Avery


********* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review *********


SYNOPSIS: Ever since Kenna was a little girl, she would have these episodes where she would see a few seconds into the future which always freaked people out. Turns out she is a volur, a seer out of Norse Mythology, and many powerful people are after her.

This was a fun read. It’s always fun to read a story that based in lore that isn’t often explored, in this case Norse Mythology. I’ve read some Norse myths and know their basic pantheon and stories, but in this book I learned a little bit more about the lore. Kenna is a fun and likeable character and its nice to have her be the one we follow in the journey because she is like us and doesn’t really know all that much about the Norse myths. Although I did have a problem with her love interest/guide to the Norse realm, Luka. Normally the YA hero is supposed to be handsome, extremely likeable, sarcastic, and just all around swoon worthy (the kind of guy that makes you wish he were real). To me Luka came off as rude, mean, weirdly possessive, and mega creepy. If it were me I would have done everything in my power to get away from him. The way he followed Kenna around and just stared at her (I’m pretty sure he was trying to make her uncomfortable) really creeped me out. The other guys in her life, Fiske (her best friend) and Jason (her maybe almost boyfriend) were nice, sweet, and genuinely seemed to care about her well being and wanted her to have the information she needed. I’m also a little tired of the whole “my friend lied to me to keep me safe and now I’m going to be mad and ignore them” trope that exists in these types of novels and also in superhero movies/tv shows. I mean sometimes it’s really well done and makes me want to cry, but in this instance it just felt a little petty and went on for way too long. Jason was a bit of a disappointment as well. I thought it would be really interesting to have him be a part of the team as the only outsider because that’s always interesting when you’re up against the end of the world, but since this is planned to be a trilogy, maybe he will. I did enjoy Fiske and Parker as characters although I wish that there had been time for them to develop a little more than just Kenna’s friends that care about her. Overall this is a fast paced, unique, and fun read so if you enjoy young adult books based in mythology I say go for it.


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