United We Spy by Ally Carter

IMG_7331RATING: 4/5

SYNOPSIS: Graduation is fast approaching for Cammie and her friends, but the Circle of Cavan is also getting closer and closer to completing their master plan.

If you had told me when I first read I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You that in the subsequent books Cammie would be kidnapped, tortured, and develop PTSD (basically put through the ringer) then I would have said “What? No way this is just a cute series about girl spies.” That was never what this series was about. It was about young girls becoming young women in a harsh and unconventional way. I loved that Cammie was put through the ringer and came out all the stronger for it and I love that the horrible things that happened to her weren’t swept away and resolved quickly the way authors/writers in general usually do. I also appreciated Cammie coming full circle from the spy who wanted a normal life and be an ordinary girl to the girl who was ready to accept the family business and become a spy (although what would have made it better would have been a little cameo or something of Josh to really complete the circle). The only thing I missed was their classes, those were always entertaining to read about (kind of like how in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows they didn’t go to their classes and decided to save the world). Although I did like the moments where Cammie would reflect on how the actions they were taking were similar to the things that they were prepared for in school. I absolutely adore these characters and am sad to let them go, but I am glad that they had a good ending. It had everything; explosions, high speed chases, snipers, assassinations, love, friendship, and everything in between. I think fans of the series shouldn’t be disappointed in the way Cammie and Co. went out guns blazing.


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